Celebrity Interview with Y2K Records Act “Sheldoh” | @shehdoh
On a breezy day we hooked up with the ever chilling Y2K Records newly signed act “Sheldoh” … Enjoy
Jen: May we know you sir
Sheldoh: I am Emoike Shedrack aka SHEHDOH I reside in Lagos State from a family of 3
Jen: How does it feel been signed to arguably the fastest growing record label’s in Nigeria
Sheldoh: I feel good its always been a dream and Y2k records really bringing it to reality!!
Jen: What has been the reaction of your family and friends since you got this multi-million naira deal
Sheldoh: They have been so happy and so supportive they assured me of their backing with prayers and I believe
Jen: Wow, so in a short while we will be hearing banging songs from you right?
Sheldoh: Yea by Gods grace
Jen: What major moves so you have in store for us your teaming fans
Sheldoh: A lot, a man cannot go nowhere if he doesn’t payback to those who has got his back from the start,
Much love and respect to my teaming fans,
He continues, Won’t let y’all down
Jen: Such bold statements,  We can’t wait to be blessed with a hit track from you
Sheldoh: Can’t wait to bless everyone, Big ups
Jen: Aside the official life, the fans will like to know about how you relax
Sheldoh: I play football, I don’t joke with that.
And sometimes I just sleep…. Lol
Jen: Wow, what’s the most memorable moment of your music career
Sheldoh: I guess it was when I got d deal with Y2K records
Jen: Awesome, where do you see yourself in the music business in the next 3-5 years
Sheldoh: I see myself displaying my best, winning awards and going international… Gunning for the biggest awards too
Jen: What genre of music do you do
Sheldoh: We try to be versatile but I am a hip-hop artist
Jen: Any word of advice to upcoming Artists looking up to you
Sheldoh: Be focused and keep ur head in d game above all put God first
Jen: What’s the biggest secret you have kept till date
Sheldoh: Guess that’s why its a secret
It should be kept secret..lol
Jen: Any special appreciations
Sheldoh: Yea to the entire management of “Y2K records” I won’t yal down and to my fans thanks to you for the massive support
Jen: Was nice having you on out platform
Sheldoh: And am pleased being here

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