Our correspondent JTwarrior linked up with Kenyan super model “Fides Karimi” and she took us into her world!!
Excepts below:
J.T: Can we know you ma’am
Fides Karimi: I am Phides karimi, a Kenyan model
J.T: How does it feel been amongst the top models in Kenya at the moment?
Fides Karimi: It feels great knowing you giving back to the society and at the same time a dream come true
J.T: What were the challenges faced when you started your career as a model
Fides Karimi: To be honest.. As an upcoming model I faced some challenges..finding a platform to grow my passion was a problem.I had to put my own effort to be recognized as a model.. It was a tough journey but I thank God am here now
J.T: Wow, what did your parents say when you first hinted them you wanted going into modeling
Fides Karimi: Haha.. As you know all parents always want to be surprised with degrees and superb careers.. At first they told me to concentrate on my studies and the rest shall follow.. I kept pushing on and at last they accepted me..They are now proud of me
J.T: Awesome!! Hard work finally paid off I guess
Fides Karimi: Yeah.. Every hard work pays off
J.T: I will start working hard too o, because I want to achieve my dreams too ma’am
Fides Karimi: Haha.Thats nice
J.T: Are you currently working with an agency or you are independent
Fides Karimi: Am an independent model at the moment with my management team.. But am looking forward to joining an agency after school
J.T: Woa,  you just mentioned school..  Tell us more about that
Fides Karimi:
Ooh.. Am a student pursuing a degree in Nursing at Egerton university.. A third year now
J.T: Wow, how do you cope with the combination of school and work
Fides Karimi: School comes first but I always make use of the little free time I get.. It’s that easy.. Good time management
J.T: We have come to know so much about you today!!! We wish you all the best in your studies too
Fides Karimi: Thank You
J.T: So where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years in the modeling industry
Fides Karimi: Somewhere on the very top. Want to start a fashion blog soon.. It’s just a beginning..
J.T: We totally love your work ethic and we urge you to keep up with it
Fides Karimi: Thank you
J.T: What is your secret to this success so far
Fides Karimi: Trusting in God and hard work
J.T: Any word of advice to your teaming fans worldwide
Fides Karimi: Would tell anyone out there who thinks they have a passion for anything.. To come out of there comfort zone and make things happen..its now or never!!!
J.T: What’s that one thing you have been dying to share to the world
Fides Karimi: Always know your worth then add tax to it
J.T: Any shout-outs
Fides Karimi: Shout out to my parents and all my friends who always have my back
J.T: Was an awesome experience we had with you ma’am
Fides Karimi: Can’t Thank you enough too, for having me here.☺

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